I was unsure of how to start this blog.  Frankly, I’m still not sure where its going.  Bear with me.  I enjoy sports.  I probably talk about sports more than I should, and I’m hoping this blog provides an appropriate outlet.  As for the general topic.  I refuse to pick.  I am a rabid NFL fan.  Jeremy Lin has rekindled my interest in the NBA, and I am not afraid to admit that.  I’m a fan of Baseball, but I still find it incredibly boring at times.  I also watch curling (mostly women’s, Swedish curlers are hot.  Is it curler?), other random olympic events, lots of soccer, and just about anything else that happens to pique my interest at some random moment.   As for my allegiances.  I have no doubt they will be obvious in time.

The point is, I have no idea what I’m going to write about.  I have no plan, no intended direction, no particular slant, no actual credentials.  I just want to talk and pretend someones listening.  Who knows.  Maybe someone actually will.

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